Program Goals

Youth Programs

The goals of Medinah Society Inc.'s Summer Program is as follows:

  1. To enhance the self-esteem of the participants.
  2. To teach and develop recreational skills.
  3. To teach good health practices.
  4. To provide leadership opportunities for youth.
  5. To partnership with the community to provide a safe and supervised program.

Through this program, the orginization invites children from the local community to participat in various activites for four days each week during the summer. The camp allows a time for the youth to continue their education through educational activites, worksheets and programs, participate in cultural arts activites, Fitness Classes, Field trips, and stay busy in a safe productive enviroment.

There are no admission fees charged to participate in this activity; howver, Medinah Society does require the parents to sign up their children for the camp and fill out an application form, which is used to gather basic information.

Summer Camps

  • The Homework Help and Tutoring Program for grades k-8 and our Youth leadership program for grades 8-12
  • Enrichment and recreational: the afterschool program is a place where students can learn through play activites. These activities provide students     with an opportunity to learn while participating in fun activities.
  • The after school program provides opportunities for students to build social skills and confidence.
  • The after school prgram builds leadership by involving students in youth developments and service learning activities.

The goal of Medinah Society Inc. afterschool program is to provid a safe, culturally diverse, enriching educational atmosphere to students throughout the fllowing means:

  • By empowering and encouraging our youth
  • By building partnerships and meaningful relationships within the community.
  • By recognizing and rewarding thier acheievements and sucesses.
  • By improving and increasing our resources.
  • By collaborating eith communities, schools, libraries, and orginizations in the areas that we serve.
  • And by planning, implementing, increasing, coordinating, and evaluating our after school program

Program Goals

The objectives of Medinah Society Inc. After-School Program are as follows:

  • Our youth will improve academically through the homework help and tutoring sessions.
  • Our youth will improve socially through our cultural activities and daily interactions.
  • Our youth will develop emotionally and physically through our health and recreational activites.
  • Our youth and their parents will feel safe and secure while being supervised by competent and compassionate staff and volunteers.
  • Our community will benefit positively as we teach the youth positive and cooperative attitudes.
  • Our youth will learn responsibility and positive behavior.

Program Objectives

The after school program consists of various componenets including:

  • Homework and Tutoring sessions- youth will be able to complete their homework, work on projects, research using the computers and library resources, and recieve tutoring on specific educational topics.
  • Youth leadership program- youth will have arole in determining and implementing new programs and activities within their afterschool program. Youth also have the opportunity to community Service Learning Hours for their school or college through volunteering during our after-school or other available programs. Youth who sign up for Service Learning Hours also recieve on-sight training in the specified program area and assistance in resume building and jobb searches/application and/or referrals and references.
  • Art Program- are able to partcipate in an art activity on a weekly basis.
  • Fitness Program- the youth, under the supervision of the staff, have the opportunity to participate in a fitness session once a week using the fitness equipment provided by the organization or participating in a fitness class session (i.e. Yoga for Kids)

Program Description

Medinah Society provides an after-school program for youth ranging from 6-18 years old. The specific purpose of this program is to provide an educational setting where the youth can complete their daily homework and receive tutoring, if needed.

After School Program and Youth Leadership Program