Our Programs

computer training

Introduction on the multitude of computer uses, such as the Internet and Microsoft Office. Typing Classes are also offered.

counseling services

Specializing in mediation of domestic disputes and challenges. Counseling offered to individuals and families.

immigration services

Information on receiving citizenship programs as well as financial aid institutions for immigrants and U.S. citizens.

pubic benefits assistance

Financial help from the government and helping people apply for public benefits.

cultural arts programs

Adult and Youth participation in a variety of artistic programs such as sewing, crochet,  poetry and art.

literacy programs

Teaching Rogers Park's diverse community through ESL Instruction to prepare them for the workforce and higher education.


Proving weekly fitness classes and nutritional education to women and youth.

youth programs

Building worthwhile relationships with children that hopefully will carry on into their adult years.

Health Education

Indulging in the educating of Rogers Park's diverse community in health principles which can help the multitude of residents currently living in Rogers Park