MSI Fitness & Wellness Center

Located at: 2056 W. Devon Ave., Chicago, IL 60659

Phone: 872-203-9503

Senior Citizen Fitness Program

This program is offered to once per week and consists of choregraphed class beneficial to clients suffering from diabetes, arthritis and general old age. Senior Citizens classes are paced classed and usually use Yoga and Ball Fitness as a basis for movements. Senior Citizens are also encouraged and welcomed to join our regular fitness classes to improve on their fitness goals at their own pace.

Community Fitness Gym

This gym equipment will be available Weekdays and Weekends (Monday - Sundays). This program will be available to women and female youth Monday through Saturdays and available to men and male youths Saturdays afternoons and Sundays.

Through this program, which will be offered at our next door building, individuals will continue to participate in group fitness classes and they will also have access to free-standing machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, multi-purpose machines, free weights, fitness balls, etc. Participants will have the opportunity to work out in a safe environment that also accommodates their cultural beliefs by segregating men and women. 

Youth Fitness Classes

This program is offered to youth in the community. For this program we have partnered with "The President's Challenge Program" and our local Daycare Preschool centers. Under "The President's Challenge Program" the organization has been awarded the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, which promotes physical activity and good nutrition. Youth enrolled in our after-school program and youth in the community or neighborhood organization have the opportunity to participate in our weekly fitness classes for kids. These classes are also group fitness classes. Our goal for this program is to promote to our youth how important it is to stay active and eat healthy. Youth as young as 4 years old are encouraged to participate in this program.

Weekly Fitness Classes

This program is offered to female participants two to four times a week. Through this program, individuals participate in group fitness classes. We will also provide free-standing machines, such as Tony Little's Gazelles. Participants will have the opportunity to work out in a safe environment that also accommodates their cultural beliefs by segregating men and women. 

Fitness classes

The MSI Fitness and Wellness Program was created to address the cultural barriers that participants are faced with when wanting to join a gym or improve their health. Predominately, many Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Conservative Christian women are not comfortable addressing their fitness needs in a Co-Ed environment and in some cases it is prohibited in their religion to mix with males. MSI  addresses this issue and is sensitive to it. These situations (in some cases) also apply to the males from the above mentioned group

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